How We Work


General Planning

Personalized Experience

We create events with your goals and dreams in mind, making sure that every detail reflects your vision.

Expense Control

We work within your budget to maximize value and offer you the best experience without financial worries.

Adjusted Date and Time

We adapt to your date and time preferences to ensure that your event is comfortable and accessible.

Guests Who Matter

We take care of guest lists and confirmations so that you can concentrate on having fun with those who matter most.

Your Theme, Your Style

We collaborate with you to choose a theme that reflects your unique style and makes your event unforgettable.



Places that will make you fall in love

We select accessible spaces that meet comfort standards and facilitate access for all your guests.

Lodging Management

We take care of finding and arranging accommodations for your guests to enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay.

Thoughtful Spaces

We design the space so that your event flows efficiently, with rest areas and details that make a difference.



Customized Banquet

We work with high quality catering services, adapting to your proposal and offering options such as buffet, finger food, three course menu, among others.


Decoration and Style

Design that Represents You

We create a design and decoration that reflects your personality and the theme you wish to convey.

Environments that Speak

We adjust lighting and sound to create the exact atmosphere you envision, incorporating visual elements that represent you.



Unforgettable Moments

We select artists and activities that perfectly adapt to your event, guaranteeing unforgettable moments and first class entertainment.

Participate and Live

We create interactive experiences so that you and your guests are an active part of the magic of the event.



Symphony of Emotions

Choose the perfect soundtrack for your event. From DJs that liven up the dance floor to live musicians that create a unique atmosphere, we take care of the music that makes your celebration vibrate.



Dazzling Technology

We guarantee an impeccable technical setup for presentations and entertainment, using interactive technology to make your event even more special.



No Transportation Concerns

We coordinate transportation options so that your guests arrive and leave without any worries.

Quick and Easy Registration

We implement an efficient registration process for you and your guests to enjoy from the very first moment.

Your Safety is a Priority

We ensure that all safety measures are in place, giving you peace of mind.



Feedback for Improvement

We value your comments and evaluations, using each experience to improve our services.

Warm Tracking

After the event, we keep in touch to thank you and make sure the memories last.

At Bimai, your event is more than a celebration; it is an experience designed especially for you. Let us make your event a unique and unforgettable moment!

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